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Notification & Alerts in Heavy Vehicle Transport: The Keystone of Safety in Remote Areas

Heavy vehicle transport in remote driving areas can be fraught with risk. Far from help and surrounded by uncertainties, these environments demand cutting-edge tools that safeguard both human and machinery assets. Enter Notification and Alerts, the silent guardians of the transportation industry. These are not just digital reminders or noise. They represent a paradigm shift in operational safety and efficiency.

Understanding Alert Notifications

In an age where information is key, being in the loop with real-time data can make all the difference. REACH Fleet leverages location-based data, ensuring automatic monitoring of your vehicles, units, and equipment everywhere. This automatic vigilance ensures that deviations from the usual are quickly identified and flagged.

For example, if a vehicle lingers in an unusual spot for too long, departs off schedule, or enters a prohibited area, the onboard tracking solution, preferably the ST9100, triggers an alert.

The Three-Tier Escalation System by REACH Fleet

1. Passive – Primarily for record-keeping, this tier logs data and tracks nominal operations to provide a transparent operational history.

2. Active – Perfect for the routine events. Active notifications might alert operators about vehicle departures or provide ETA updates.

3. Incident – The critical alerts. Whether a vehicle has broken down, there’s a delay, excessive speed, or a collision, key personnel are immediately alerted.

The beauty of REACH Fleet is its customisation. Operations can tailor alerts based on several parameters:

  • Time, speed, and distance
  • Notification method (in-app, email, SMS)
  • Location details
  • Navigational concerns like hazards or tricky curves
  • Security factors
  • Information about personnel en route
  • Points of interest or waypoints
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Compliance and regulatory standards
  • Specific vehicle behaviour
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Monitoring unusual forces, such as high G-force loads

REACH Fleet Geofencing and Geoguard

One of the standout features is the Geofencing ability. Supervisors and depot managers can create virtual boundaries, alerting them when a vehicle enters or exits certain areas.

Moreover, with REACH Fleet Geoguard, operators can set up a 100m perimeter around an asset using just a touch on their smart device. If the asset moves out of this zone, a notification is immediately sent out. This feature proves invaluable in multiple scenarios, be it unauthorised use of the asset, equipment failure, or even theft.


In the challenging terrains and conditions of remote driving areas, Notification and alerts prove to be the lifeline that heavy vehicle transport operators need. With comprehensive monitoring, real-time feedback, and customisable alerts, transport operators can ensure maximum safety and operational efficiency. In such unpredictable environments, REACH Fleet offers predictability and peace of mind.

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