Knowledge is Power when it comes

to Analytics for your Fleet.


Our Dashboard Reporting Console allows Users & Management to create & export reports easily and quickly

Vehicle Activity Report

The Vehicle Activity Report provides a summary of the driving activity of a vehicle during the specified time period.

Key Features

✔ Includes Peak Speed

✔ Activity Graph

✔ Total Driving & Idle Times

✔ Distance Travelled & Stop Times


Accelerometer Report

The acceleration log shows a history of the G-force impacting on a vehicle.

Key Features

✔ Event Log

✔ Graphical Interface

✔ Download to CSV


Stop-Log Report

The Stop Report will display totals for stops and periods in transit grouped by day and vehicle.

Key Features

✔ Map Link to Stops

✔ Export Data to CSV

✔ Shows Stop Duration


Tracking History Report

The Tracking History Map displays the historical positions of devices on a map.

Key Features

✔ Select Individual or Multiple Vehicles

✔ Data Range Selection

✔ Map View with Position Reports


Configure SMS or Emails Alerts to be sent to your Mobile.

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