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About Us

We are a leading provider of Satellite, Cellular & GPS Communications Systems including hardware, airtime, service and support globally. 

Based in Queensland Australia, SkyNet is reaching into space, developing new cutting edge technologies to assist the Aviation, Land Transport, Remote Telemetry, Personal Safety and Marine industries around the world with our services now found on every Continent.

SkyNet’s 24/7 in-house technical support department provides access to a professional team with network administration skills, project management, electronics repair, customer training and management.

Our advanced network architecture utilising Amazon World Wide Cloud Services for global reach and reliability and security including SkyNet 's on-site servers with multiple layers of security and redundancy for customer data and critical information backups.



Information Right Now

All of SkyNet's solutions and products focus around transmitting and displaying information in real time.

Information is useless if it's not accurate. With the real time data SkyNet provides, the accuracy is assured which lets you react to changing events as they happen giving quicker reaction times, and increased efficiency.

SkyNet Satellite Communications partner with an extensive variety of businesses across a wide range of industries with current solutions found on every Continent across the globe.

Aviation  |  Government |  Health |  Mining |  Security  |  Transport & Logistics  |  Maritime  |  Agriculture  |  Local Council  |  Emergency Services