Enterprise VSAT Solutions from SkyNet Satellite Communications

VSAT Custom Solutions.

The Sky is not the Limit.

C-Band - Performs better under adverse weather conditions - Ideal for Tropical Climates.  Larger Dish Required

Ku-Band - Subject to adverse weather conditions.  More Focused Beam.  Smaller Receiving Dish

Ka-Band - Susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Higher Bandwidth Communication. Smaller Dish Required.


Fixed Installation

For Longer-Term Projects, a fixed solution offers ease of maintenance and less movement of the dish.


Fly-Away Config

Packs down into Road-Cases - ideal for short-term or on-demand requirements


Trailer or Skid Mounted

Mount on a Trailer or Skid-Mount for ease of transportation and deployment - great for Project Sites that are on-the move.

Lease Options

No Capital Outlay for Hardware with our Cost-Effective Leasing Options.  Short or Long Term Solutions Available.

TurnKey Solutions

We'll Supply Everything.  Routers, WiFi, VOIP Phones, Cabling and will also arrange Setup and Maintenance.

Unlimited Data

"All-you-can-eat" Data for One Daily Rate based on your Bandwidth Required with either Contended or Uncontended links available.

Inmarsat Global Xpress - Now Available

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