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Mobile Personal Safety is now within REACH

REACH Duress is SkyNet's premium mobile application that gives you Watch Alerts & Real-Time Monitoring of your Lone Worker staff for increased safety and WHS Compliance.

Simple to Setup. Easy to Operate.

No additional Hardware required.

GPS Location Data

Using your phone's inbuilt GPS, Reach Duress constantly pinpoints your position.  Tracking can be enabled to report on your location history or disabled if not required.

Duress via 3G or WiFi

Your Duress Alert will be sent either via 3G or WiFi with your current location or last known location if GPS unavailable (e.g. indoors)

Email & SMS Alerts

Once the Duress has been sent, your phone will vibrate and a green icon will notify you that the Alarm has been received.  This will alert your pre-configured contacts via Email, SMS or both. (requires REACH Fleet)

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