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When Safety is paramount to your Remote Teams

SkyNet offers customised safety solutions for Government Organisations with a mobile workforce, such as Community Services, Public Housing & Health Sectors.  Our proven history means we can provide robust infrastructure and services to help you minimise your risk profile.

For Rural or Remote Locations

Vehicle Mounted & Pendant Solution utilising both 3G Cellular coverage and Satellite Networks to deliver 'Always-On' duress and safety availability even in Rural & Remote Areas.

For Metro Based Locations

When your Teams are a little closer to home, the level of safety required shouldn't be compromised.  SkyNet offer devices designed to be discreet, yet still offer a powerful feature set.

Android App Solution

Utilise your existing Android Smartphone coupled with SkyNet's REACH Duress App to offer Duress Alert capability right from the lock-screen.

24/7 Professional Back-To-Base Monitoring Available

SkyNet is an Enterprise Bureau Monitoring Centre.  We can assist you with setting up an Emergency Response Plan to ensure 24/7 peace-of-mind when it comes to the safety and security of your teams.

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