Driver Safety & Compliance | SkyNet Satellite Communications

Driver Safety & Compliance

Configure Speed Alerting, Manage Driving Time and Breaks, then Create Reports for Management.

Complete Integration with Compatible Garmin FMI Navigation Units

Garmin 2

Stop Management

Allow dispatchers to communicate and manage driver stops in real-time

Driver ID Login

Driver identification via login through the Garmin Unit

Driver Communication

Canned and free-form text messaging even outside cellular areas

Electronic forms

Allow drivers and dispatch to exchange information using forms that can be completed on Garmin device

Driver Safety

Speed limit alerts help to enforce safe driving habits

Hours-of-Service (HOS)

Fulfil government logbook regulations by automating the entry and recording of all required information from the driver's cab

Driver Safety Alerts

& Incident Notification

SkyNet's REACH Fleet Cloud Based Platform can be accessed from any Web-Enabled Device to view and manage the safety of your drivers.

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Analytics & Reporting

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