Communication & GPS Tracking | SkyNet Satellite Communications

Communicate Updates to your Drivers

Fleet-Wide Messaging, In-Cab Speed Alerts and more

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking displayed within Real-time Fleet Monitoring display via REACH Fleet

Communicate with your Teams via Compatible Garmin FMI Navigation Units

Garmin 2

Route Planning

Upload optimised route plans to your teams to improve time efficiency and reduce fuel costs.

Driver Communication

Canned and free-form text messaging even outside cellular areas

Driver Safety

In-Car audible speed limit alerts help to enforce safe driving habits


High Accuracy GPS Tracking ensures you always know where your vehicles Real-Time

Trip Replay

Playback vehicle activity through REACH Fleet. Just select the Date & Time

Live Tracking Data

See up-to-the-minute location data for your vehicles (*excludes Satellite)

Securely Stored Data

All your data is saved with SkyNet for up to 6 Months

Live Tracking and Instant Messaging via REACH Fleet

SkyNet's REACH Fleet Cloud Based Platform can be accessed from any Web-Enabled Device to view and manage your assets and drivers.

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Route Planning & Traffic

Manage Routes, Point-of-Interests, Journey Legs and Geofences easily with SkyNet's Route Planner built into REACH Fleet.

Vehicle & Driver Activity

View Driving Time, Stop Logs, Distance Travelled and more at a glance using our Dashboard Function

Driver Safety & Compliance

Configure Speed Alerting, Manage Driving Time and Breaks, then Create Reports for Management