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Data Warehousing

Combined with SkyNet REACH Aeronautical and REACH XDI we bring a set of new visibility to provide the fastest analytics available and a breadth that is unimaginable.

SkyNet has built a revolutionary Data Warehouse just for you!

Combining XDI & REACH we can deliver unparalleled vision into your operational and financial decision making metrics. 

With data collected from every flight sector matched with crew records and reservations, freight, engineering and many more, we offer the ability to build powerful analytics across your whole operation and deliver an ability to measure financial capability and potential lost revenue.  Plus generate custom reports and have them delivered to you or your team anytime you require.


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XDI - Cross Data Integration

Designed to bring together tracking data and 3rd Party Vendor data providing a significantly improved analysis of aircraft status.

Data Sources

SkyNet integrate with many industry leading Hardware and Software supplier platforms.

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