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On-Time Performance for your Fleet.

Demonstrating a high level of punctuality and reliability is vital in a highly competitive aviation market with consumer choice at record levels.  Airlines want to analyse post flight analytics and gain valuable insights into the performance-driven data of their fleet and to seek out systemic issues that can contribute to delays or hinder the highest performance achievable.

Real-Time OTP

SkyNet REACH Aeronautical provides the in-depth post flight analytics within seconds of the aircraft stopping at the gate.

How fast?  We think we deliver this data before the first passenger sets foot on an aerobridge. That fast!


View Delayed Flight Information

SkyNet REACH Aeronautical is the only product that meets Government required ‘Domestic and International On-Time Performance standards’, making your records consistent, accurate and a highly reliable reference measurement.


OTP & Departure Delay Statistics

Use IATA codes, Custom Delay codes or both -we can build impressive analytics that are easy to understand and visualise graphs to provide an immersive set of custom designs so you can share this with your team the way you want to - no more cumbersome Excel spreadsheets!

Display your OTP Analytics via SkyNet's Gantt Chart View

Our OTP Analytics are designed for management - not just the Operations team.  This means we can deliver these reports directly to your inbox and not wait for preparation by others.

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