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Day of Operations Platform

SkyNet REACH Aeronautical is a full featured set of Flight Management tools with the building blocks to generate Real-Time operational oversight, analytics and the tools to identify potential and actual delays.


Waypoint / Route Design

Remote ports can be automatically advised of arrival ETA’s based on aircraft real-time information.  SMS and or E-mail updates are relayed to staff and can be configured for any time before arrival. No more waiting around for an arrival - keep engineers, re-fuelers, baggage and catering staff updated simultaneously.

⇒ Original, Current & Previous route flown display

⇒ Flight Plan Change / Amendment graphical display

⇒ Schedule Building & RPT Bulk Scheduling

⇒ Flight Diversion

⇒ Route Monitoring & Deviation Alerts


Flight Monitoring

SkyNet REACH Aeronautical is available across both Helicopter and Airline operations and enables you to maintain a critical picture of the ‘Right Now’ across your operation and what happens next. This helps offer options to manage unforeseen delays from engineering and people.

⇒ Flight Following

⇒ In-Flight Messaging

⇒ Message Priority Queuing

⇒ Multi-Language & Time Zone Support

⇒ Flight Planning

⇒ OTP Performance Graphs



Mobile Platform

SkyNet’s Mobile REACH platform means you can take it with you anywhere! Always know where your aircraft are and any delays or safety events that may be triggered from the cockpit.  Available on Android, Apple Smartphones and Tablets.

⇒ Custom Interface for Mobile

⇒ View Live Data

⇒ Alerts

⇒ Safety Events

REACH Aeronautical

Optional extended Pre-flight information, Crew Information, Sector Minimum Fuel, Passenger Numbers, Estimated Weight, Freight Uplift and overall combined estimated Ramp Weight.

Quick change schedule blocks to allow swapping aircraft schedule to avert delays.

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